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Stacie Miller

Outstanding Caseworker: Stacie Miller

“Like a good social worker, a good foster parent is passionate about helping kids. They don’t give up when things get hard. They can continue to love, no matter what happens.”

Outstanding caseworker Kim Blackburn

Outstanding Caseworker: Kim Blackburn

“I love working with the teenage kids and seeing their potential and encouraging them… I’ve seen how a caring adult can help turn a child’s life around.”

Outstanding caseworker Latanga McGill

Outstanding Caseworker: Latanga McGill

A Mississippi licensing specialist talks about how she supports foster parents and what’s kept her doing this job for the last 10 years.

Torjia Ashford, Outstanding Caseworker

Outstanding Caseworker: Torjia Ashford

“Torjia works for the very best outcome for the children and helps the parents along the way… Our two-year-old has even named her baby dolls after Torjia! As foster parents, we would be absolutely lost without her….”

Group of teens sitting on fence.

May is National Foster Care Month!

This month—and every month—we celebrate the foster parents, volunteers, and others who are helping to create success and lasting connections for children in foster care.