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10 favorite “firsts” from families who adopted teens

Picture of journal with entry: "Today she asked me to be her forever mom."

Adopting a teen is the beginning of a lifetime of memories. You might not be there for their first steps, but you’ll help them learn to drive, get ready for prom, and so much more!

We asked families who follow us on Facebook to share a few of their favorite firsts with us. Here’s what they told us.

The first time he fell asleep on my shoulder during family movie night.

The first time our daughter—who was convinced she wasn’t smart—made the honor roll.

The first time we came home from vacation and she said: “We had fun, but it sure is good to be home.”

The first time she saw a pineapple. She screamed!

The first time she told me—we actually wrote it down—that she wanted me to be her forever mom.

The first time our daughter didn’t stuff the car before a family road trip because she thought we wouldn’t bring her back.

His first concert: Toby Mac. I loved watching his face as he soaked it all in!

The first time a teacher said: “Your child is so polite and well mannered. I wish we had more students like her.”

Her first house key.

The first time she responded to our saying “I love you” with “I know”—which was way better than hearing “I love you” back.

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