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Navigating Adoption

Presented by AdoptUSKids

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Navigating Adoption: Presented by AdoptUSKids

Podcast host April Dinwoodie introduces Navigating Adoption: Presented by AdoptUSKids. Join us on this uplifting, educational, and thought-provoking journey of adoption.


Christian [SOUNDBITE]: My caseworker came for one of her monthly visits to the group home. She said, “You need to sit down, you’re going to like this news. You can finally go meet your adoptive parents…go meet them today.” Me, I got happy.

April Dinwoodie: That’s Christian, just one of the teens who found his family through adoption from foster care. Hello, my name is April Dinwoodie and I’m the host of a new podcast called Navigating Adoption: Presented by AdoptUSKids. In each episode of this series, you’re going to hear engaging, real-life experiences told by the adoptees and families who lived them. Like Christian. 

Christian [SOUNDBITE]:The only thing I was missing in the group home was that thing they call a family.

April Dinwoodie: You’ll also hear interviews with experts and professionals who have dedicated their lives to adoption.

Denise Goodman [SOUNDBITE]: It hurts my soul when people give up on kids, and we can’t give up, because that family may be just around the corner.

April Dinwoodie: This podcast is an opportunity to get a deeper understanding of the teen foster adoption experience. It’s uplifting, it’s educational, it’s something to think about. Navigating Adoption is brought to you by the US Department of Health and Human Services Administration for Children and Families and the Ad Council. And it’s hosted by me, April Dinwoodie. Please join me on this journey and subscribe to Navigating Adoption: Presented by AdoptUSKids wherever you get your podcasts.