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Couldn’t we all use more feel-good?

Last month, we asked our Facebook community what they are most thankful for as a foster or adoptive parent.

The response was overwhelming! Parents expressed gratitude to the friends, community members, judges, and workers who support them—and to the children who’ve taught them so much. Several thanked birth parents, who made the most difficult of decisions to surrender their rights and trust another parent with their child. Workers weighed in too, expressing gratitude for foster parents. There were feel-good thoughts all around, and couldn’t we all use more of those?

Over the course of a week, we heard from a total of more than 50 families. Here are a few of their comments. You can read all comments in this post on our Facebook page.

I am thankful…

For a new perspective on the world. After 44 years, I had gotten used to seeing things a certain way. Not anymore!

For the thing it seems folks like the least about adoption: the wait. Because my children are worth the wait. While I wait, I work, worry, change, and grow to be the mom they need and to meet them where they are.

That our teenager chose us, and for the birth parents that trust us with their children.

For our friends, family, and community that just welcomes every new addition without even blinking…. No uncomfortable questions. No nonsense. Just, hey, I’m so and so, glad to meet you!

For learning from special needs children how to love on their level, which is a different level each day. Every day is a new day…. Embrace any mood with love.

For the sleepless nights…shy, unexpected smiles…IEP meetings…for cheering at basketball games, jumping up and screaming when a 10-year-old hits his first homerun, getting teary-eyed at the kindergarten holiday concert… watching your little one look for you when they fall off the swing…and for the biggest hugs ever! For all of it!

For the support of our son’s amazing case worker, who is now still our friend a year after our finalization.

For the opportunity to support other families willing to step up the way I did…. I just helped two families interested in older kids learn how to use your site, and I gave advice to another family [who is] meeting their kids for the first time tomorrow—a group of four like I had…. This side is so sweet.

To be able to give my adopted children a different reality than what they might’ve had. I’m thankful that we get to be a family.

For my husband! Having children in our home after 14 years without any has changed our relationship. We both have a deeper love, respect and appreciation of each other and our differences.

For the love and the grace my children give me as we go through this journey together. They are remarkable people who never give up and have the biggest hearts.

For insight. I had a privileged upbringing and had no concept of how hard life is with no help. I empathize with these bio parents so much more now.

For the resiliency of kids.

To watch my kids become productive citizens with bright futures.