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At home with the Crenshaws

The Crenshaw family

Sunday dinner is a special event at the Crenshaw home. The entire family—which includes six children who joined the family through adoption or legal guardianship—and their friends gather around two tables, because one could never hold them all. Afterward everyone joins in an evening of singing, dancing, and games.

“People say, ‘Something’s gotta be wrong with y’all! I don’t know how you can do this’ But I was serious about change and about wanting to make a difference,” said Floyd Crenshaw.

The Crenshaws wanted to share their adoption story and invited AdoptUSKids to spend a few days filming their family in action. The resulting three-part video series offers a behind-the-scenes look at this loving, dynamic family.

“Can we do this?” Floyd and Raenell share their decision to make a difference and highlight their heartfelt journey through adoption from foster care.

“It just felt like home.” The first two children Floyd and Raenell adopted reflect on how it felt to become part of the Crenshaw family, and Floyd and Raenell describe the rewards of watching the children blossom.

“We’re not perfect, they’re not perfect. Together we make things work.” Floyd and Raenell reflect on the lessons they have learned as parents and share a favorite tradition—Sunday dinner.